The Gluten Free Museum

For those with Coeliac Disease, eating gluten-free is a way of life. But what would the world look like without gluten? The Gluten Free Museum removes gluten from famous works of art including Caravaggio, Van Gogh and even Disney.

Here, the missing gluten (the spaghetti) breaks the union between the dogs from Disney’s famous cartoon film “Lady and The Tramp”. This highlights the important social role of food in our culture and the struggles this can create when one’s diet is different to the norm.

Gluten free museum 1

In Giueseppe Archimboldo’s painting “Summer”, the missing gluten in the form of the coat made of wheat, is suggestive of the physical changes one experiences when following the gluten-free diet.

Gluten free museum 2

These images feel as if they’re missing something pivotal; they look bare. We look at what is hidden in these images, highlighting the importance of the missing gluten. This demonstrates the role of gluten in our culture and hints at the challenges of following a gluten-free diet.

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