Gut Feelings DVD

Gut Feelings: Young People and Their Experience of Coeliac Disease DVD

For young people, living with coeliac disease is challenging.  This groundbreaking DVD was developed by clinical psychologists and researchers at the University of Birmingham.  Hear nine young people aged 9-17 tell their stores about diagnosis, how the condition affects them and how they manage their gluten-free diet.  Whether you are a young person, a parent or carer, a healthcare professional, or simply interested in coeliac disease, this DVD will help.  With information about what coeliac disease is, how to manage the condition (at home, when out and about, and when on holiday) and what it feels like to live with the disease on a day-to-day basis, the DVD will help to demystify the condition and give young people the support and confidence they need to manage their coeliac disease.


To receive a free copy of “Gut Feelings” please send a request here.

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