School of Psychology Clinical Psychologists Shortlisted for Enterprising Birmingham Innovation Competition 2015 Award

Dr Ruth Howard and Dr Gary Law, School of Psychology, have been shortlisted for the final of the Enterprising Birmingham Innovation Competition 2015 award ( The ‘Most Successful Collaboration with Business’ category recognises their exciting partnership with Warburton’s and the development of the second ‘Gut Feelings’ film (‘Parenting Gut Feelings’ available, presented by Professor Alice Roberts, to support parents of children and young people living with coeliac disease. The business partnership, based on a shared vision, common values, and a committed sense of purpose to help people living with coeliac disease day-to-day, will enable Warburton’s to engage with their customers and to generate advocacy for them, as well as allowing our psychologists to promote their research and generate impact. On-going consultancy to Warburton’s will strengthen the profile of coeliac psychology research conducted here at University of Birmingham and make the researchers and their work more visible and accessible. All monies from sales of the Gut Feelings films go back into a Social Enterprise, administered by Alta Innovations (University of Birmingham’s research commercialisation company), to support ongoing coeliac research. The winners of the ‘Most Successful Collaboration with Business’ category will be announced at a showcase event at the University on 22nd April.


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