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Parenting Gut Feelings Ruth & Gary 2We are Clinical Psychologists at the University of Birmingham and we oversee a programme of research into the psychological aspects of coeliac disease. Our “Gut Feelings” series of informative DVDs support young people living with coeliac disease and their parents and carers.

We are a part of the School of Psychology at the University of Birmingham, which is one of the strongest and most active psychology departments in the country. The school is ranked among the top three psychology departments for research and has a reputation for excellent teaching.

The Coeliac Psychology Team is led by:

Dr Ruth Howard, Senior Clinical Lecturer/Senior Academic Tutor. Ruth supervises research within the area of health psychology, focusing mainly on coeliac disease, cancer and end of life care.

Dr Gary Urquhart Law, Senior Clinical Lecturer/Senior Academic Tutor. Gary is actively involved in a range of child health/paediatric and child mental health research projects, including adjustment and adaptation to chronic health conditions, self-regulation and behavioural management, facilitators and barriers to mental health help-seeking, and parenting interventions.

As a result of our research into the psychological aspects of coeliac disease we developed a ground-breaking series of informative DVDs. These DVDs were devised to educate, advise and support children and young people who find themselves living with coeliac disease, and the parents and carers who look after them:

Gut Feelings: Young People and Their Experience of Coeliac Disease – hear nine young people aged 9-17 tell their stores of diagnosis, how the condition affects them and how they manage their gluten-free diet (to find out more

Parenting Gut Feelings: Supporting Parents in their Management of Children’s Coeliac Disease – parents talk openly about their experiences of their children’s diagnosis and the impact it has on them, their children and the family (for further information

Feedback shows that hearing others who have tackled the same challenges talk about their experiences is particularly useful to newly-diagnosed youngsters and their families.

As you are aware, coeliac disease can mean so much more than just a change in diet. At the School of Psychology – University of Birmingham, we apply psychologists’ expertise in behaviour change, neuropsychology, self-care and emotional support to make living with coeliac disease easier. Our team would be delighted to discuss with you our research or the “Gut Feelings” series of DVDs:

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Dr. Ruth Howard
Senior Academic Tutor, ClinPsyD course
Telephone +44 (0) 121 414 4921 /+44 (0) 121 414 4915

Dr Gary Law
Senior Academic Tutor, ClinPsyD Course
Telephone +44 (0) 121 414 6296 /+44 (0) 121 414 4915


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